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Meet the Author

Kelly D. Snow  a.k.a.


A. E. Michaels

Hi and welcome! Come and get to know me and how I was enspired to write "McKenna's Crossing" and "Foreshadowed". 


They're not just books, but  adventures of a lifetime!

How the hell did I get here...?

      I  ask myself this question on a weekly basis. I hated reading starting from a very young age. I suffered with horrible earaches as a child and lost most of my hearing in my right ear. I ended up with ASD (auditory sensory disorder), so if I ask you constantly "What did you say?", you now know why.


     Talk about going from day to night. Years of tutoring with those horrible blue and white headphones with the metal wire adjuster thing on the top, you know, so it made you look like a cartoon space character. I hated those things. 

     I had come a long way in life before writing McKenna's Crossing, and along the way of writing it, I poured all my sorrows, all my anger, all my hidden desires, and unbridled sensuality that I was too scared to show in reality. All my life I hid my feelings; my voice to avoid being noticed by my abusers as much as possible.


    I still don't feel safe showing emotion or speaking what my wants and desires are, but within my books, all of that screams out. Pen and paper is my safe place, where I can express my imagination and not get hurt or judged. Where it's ok to believe in something as magical as unicorns.

    I would love for you to fall into McKenna's Crossing and go on an adventure of a lifetime. Time travel, a kick-ass battle scene, dark comedy, and yes, even a few spicy scenes to give you inspiration in your own relationship! 

Happy Reading!



Release Date: January 30, 2021

Check out the latest work by A.E. Michaels - A horrible accident. Only two survivors. Jessica Lauren lost everything that night. Determined to forget for a little while, she travels to Scotland to escape her nightmares of that horrible night. The Duchess of Devonshire was all too eager to have her granddaughter come for a visit.  But once Jessie learns the truth about her grandfather's disappearance, she wants nothing more than to bring him home to her grandmother. With the help of her grandfather's friend Jasper and Sir Liam McGuinnis, they will go on a journey to find him and maybe along the way, find a new chapter in her own life.

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